Monday, 25 August 2014

New Shoes

Its been the best summer so hot and lovely. I have been wearing nothing but sandals. I am now in shoe hell. My converse have holes in and I need something smart for work that isnt too high. 
I am in two minds as to day shoes. Do I get trainers or converse? And what about work!! I cant wear really high heels anymore, it really kills the balls of my feet after about an hour so I need something with a small heel. All the shoes I love are super high. I didn't want to spend the earth on either but was finding it impossible to get something I really loved. By chance I came across these on ASOS. I was also in luck as they were in the sale. What's not to love. I have ordered them and cant wait to see what they are like. I am only in the market for one pair and cant wait to choose. 
This doesn't solve my trainers vs converse problem and i will keep you up to date with what I decide.

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