Monday, 31 March 2014

Mama me and the little one

I have discovered a fantastic brand called Polder, they do women's clothes, shoes, bags and jewellery,kids clothes,shoes bags and nursery bedding.  The range is called April Showers Its minimal and stylish. Its not cheap but it is lovely.  Do check out the whole range it really is lovely. You can get it at French Blossom, Scandinavian Minimal amongst others . I had trouble accessing their website but its here if you need it.
For Muma

For Baba

For Girls

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cos Kids

There is no denying Cos has great kids clothes. They cost a little bit more than most high street shops but for a special occasion or just because you cant help yourself. It is worth it. The clothes are minimal and stylish. They have a sale on at the moment and there is usually a bargain to be had. Happy Shopping

P.S My favourite is this girls chambray trouser suite

Martin Creed

If you haven't already and live in london take the kids down to the Southbank Centre to the Hayward Gallery to the Martin Creed Exhibition. Its great fun.

Nine - 52

This week i am posting just one picture. Its cuddles everyday with these two. They are soo happy when they are together. Its warms my heart.

Happy Mothers Day

Its going to be a lovely weekend. Here is some sunny London places to be on this Mothering Sunday.  Hope you all have a great day

Colombia Raod Flower Market

Southbank Centre

Tate Modern

Victoria Park Cafe

Regents Park

Primrose Hill

Little Touches

Pops room is white I am trying to inject a little bit of colour here and there without it being too over the top. I recently got some pom pom trim and decided to sew it to her blinds. They certainly brighten up plain white black out blinds. I was pleased with the outcome. I have also made a few other things for the kids recently i will post them up next week.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Eight - 52

This girl has been real fun this week. This was taken on our way to lunch. She loves eating out.

I choose this picture of Taylor because Pops took it and also because he really has been hard work this week. He isnt happy and wants to be carried round all the time. Its been quite exhausting.

The Best Summer Basics

I do love buying clothes for Poppy. I love seeing her dressed up and looking lovely. But whatever happens she always spills food or drink or gets whatever she is wearing dirty. Now the summer is slowly approaching I am off to H&M for the best summer basic dresses you can buy. They come in a couple of styles various different prints, look cute, Poppy always loves them and they are a bargain at £2.99 each. You don't care what they do in them and how dirty they get. They seem to always last beyond the summer. they are a no brainer. Here are some of this years styles and prints


Friday, 21 March 2014

This Modern Life

Check out This Modern Life. Its a great little online store with some really lovely little things for the little ones and the home. They are having a fantastic sale at the moment not to be missed. Here are some of my sale favs. Happy Shopping

Garlands £13

Pillows from £6

bedding £20

Corby Tinderstick from £6

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Back to Basics

I saw this idea recently, although i am sure its nothing new i really liked it and thought it might just go in our kitchen above our table.
Its such a good idea and can work out super cheap, you can be as creative as you want or leave it nice and plain.
I am going to head down to my local second hand shop to see what  I can find. Will post the outcome.


I have been looking at bookshelves for the kiddos bedrooms, I wanted to  double them us as ornamental shelves too. I seem to keep coming back to crates. you can stack them in all ways, shapes and they come in a range of sizes. You can paint them, add wall paper to them, customise them however you like. Just four or five crates can make lot of shelving, depending on how you space them out ( see bottom picture). You can pick them from your local fruit and veg man, local markets or you can buy them online from

Monday, 17 March 2014

blue monday

It used to be a faux pas, but not its totally acceptable to wear double denim. From skirts to jeans and shirts and jackets. Here is some double denim looks to inspire you.

Seven - 52

This little man is happy sitting in his high chair as long as he has some finger food. He really wants to be in control of his food.

Pops has been poorly this week. She hasnt eaten much, was good that she ate something today.

Friday, 14 March 2014

mac attack

I have admired trenches from afar from many years. I never really felt i could carry one off. Since having kids my style has definitely changed and i finally feel that i can wear one. The trench is  quintessentially English. Its a Burberry staple. Gap has one in store every season.
The trouble with the trench is that there are quite a lot of styles to choose from. Short, long, black, beige, blue ( actually there is every colour you could think of) buckle or tie belt, double or single breasted, one or two lapel, heavy or light material, flared, straight, fitted, over sized the styles go on and on and on.  You really have to shop around to find one that really works with your style.

here are some high street picks, my favs are from H&M