Sunday, 29 June 2014


I have been doing a few DIY projects recently and i promise to upload them to the blog soon. My latest can i do is Macrame. I have made one very basic hanging basket, see below, and now i am going to go for something a little more complicated. I love the one below with its bright coloured jute.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

twenty One Twenty Two - 52

holidays snaps - wish we were still there!!

 Twenty One

Pops loved being on the beach she had the best time 

It was very hot and sleeping on the beach wasnt the best for this little man, this was the only time he managed it.

Twenty Two

He loved the sand and the shells, and yes he tried to eat them!!

Poppy loved to dress up at night and go to town

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Small Design

Check out this great company Small Design. Its fantastic furntiure for kids, its super stylish and functional. The company is run by two Danish ladies, who met at design school.
i love the idea the chair can also be used as a table, the colours are great and the designers seem to really understand space and needs of children and parents. They are also durable and easy to wipe down.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Haman Towels

A couple of years ago i purchased some Turkish haman towels from Toast. They were about £15 each. They have to be one of the best purchases ever!! I use them mostly as beach towels when we go away. They are amazing!! They are small and lightweight in your suitcase and beach bag, they are super quick drying, they are flat weave so wont trap the sand, a quick shake and they are ready to be packed up. They look great and come in lots of different colors. You can get them from Toast and  Not on The High Street amongst others.  I couldn't recommend them enough.


back to blighty this week and camping with a difference. This is something i really want to do when the kids are a little older. Its an overnight safari lodge, the only one in the UK, and its at Port Lympne Zoo in Kent. There are 3 ways to stay here, the elephant lodge, which is more suited to families who want to stay for a few nights, Livingston lodge experience and VIP cottage and hotel.  The lodges are luxury tents sleeping upto 8 people. They are situated overlooking the elephant paddocks and cheetah enclosure. They do camp food, guides with keepers and evening safaris. The zoo itself it set in 100s of acres and land and alot of the animals, herds of wilderbeest, giraffe, rhino, zebra, ostrich, and antelope roam free together in the paddocks. A fantastic experience without having to fly to Africa.

Im back!!

Sorry for the absance we have been on holiday!! It was a fantastic, although a little hard work. I had planned some blogs whist i was away but there was no WIFI so i didnt have any chance. Anyway lots of updates this week and back to the norm.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Picture Rails

I love the idea of displaying kids books and pictures in their bedroom. It makes a plain wall look fantastic.

You can get this shelving idea from Ikea.

......and at £8.25 each they are a real bargain.

This is also a fantastic Ikea Hack book shelf. Its their spice rack, painted in a colour of your choice. At £3 per rack its even more of a bargain!!!

Twenty - 52

Shhhh hes asleep. it wont last for long!!

Rainy day activities!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Eighteen and Nineteen - 52


this week they are both on the move!!

Taylor is desperate to get moving by whatever means necessary. At least this way isnt me carrying him!!

Loving her bike. It goes everywhere with her!!


Dribbling all the time. Those teeth dont stop!!

Eating a yoghurt!! She always does this with her spoons

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Romper Stomper

Check out these amazing Rompers, they are by an American lady who hand makes them and sells them on her etsy shop Brassrazookids I think they are to die for. I love the neck detail and the colours.  I really want one but alas they are sold out for the moment. Gotta keep cheecking the etsy site and her instagram to see when more will be for sale. She also makes the shoes, shorts skirts and vests.


Cute Skirt

I love these cute skitrs from Zara Kids. They are perfect for all occasions and at £12.99 they are a must for all girls wardrobes.