Wednesday, 29 January 2014

An old skill reborn

I have been obsessing over these weaves for a while now. I just love them. I learnt to weave as a kid and have decided to try and make one myself. I just love everything about them and to have one hanging in the house that i make sounds very exciting to me. I have enough random balls of wool to make a small one and see how it comes out. Watch this space.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

A picture a week for a year. One - 52

Alot of the blogs I follow have been doing this project and i love it so much i have decided to do it myself. So today I introduce Poppy ( Pops) 3yrs 8 months and Taylor (T-bird) 5. Welcome to our world.

Sunday was we spent the afternoon at The Tate Modern with Family. Poppy spent most of her time running and hiding. It was good fun.

Taylor is reaching for everything, he is so alert and wants to touch and explore everything. He is such a happy boy and his smile really melts my heart.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Its cold outside...

..But warm in here. Thinking about holidays, the sun, the beach, good drinks, a good book, good company, dresses, sandals, shorts, parks, picnics and BBQs. Check out my pinterest for more inspiration.

HAppy 40 Birthday Kate

When i saw this dress in Topshop I couldn't stop thinking about Kate Moss. I love it. It just makes me think of glam summer holidays and beach parties, no shoes requires!!

I love Kate  She is timeless and has achieved so much in her fashion career. More than a model, an icon a mum and a true party animal!!! She inspires all.  I cant wait for her new Topshop collection. Happy 40th Birthday Kate!!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


This year, for me,  is all about make make make!! Its not easy with 2 kids, especially one little man that doesnt sleep that much during the day!!
I really wanted to make more of the lovely things I see for the kids so i have dusted off the sewing machine,  started buying material and all the things I need to make clothes, dolls etc etc.
My nan was a great maker, she used to sew and knit clothes for my dolls and as i got older clothes that i wanted from fashion magazines. She was a great inspiration and i started sewing from an early age because of her.
When she passed away my Grandad gave me all her sewing and knitting things, from silks to material, knitting needles, buttons. It was a real treasure trove. She was a great hoarder so there was so much there!!
So I got them all out, sorted through them and am going to put it all to good use. I think she would be happy
When i was looking for christmas presents for Pops ( my daughter) I was really taken with the Jess Brown dolls but I thought almost £100 was just too much to spend. And then I thought, I can do this. So i got the materials i needed and have started my own.  I am happy with the results so far. Will post the finished little lady for you all to see.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Girls Jacket

I have just seen this girls jacket on the Mango website. I really love it. Its such a lovely spring summer jacket.  Will look great with jeans and dresses. Its so pretty. Its a must.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Quick Interior Updates

I have a new sofa and am wanting to change my living room without spending too much money. I want bold, bright and simple.
Heres some interior updates that wont break the bank and will bring a new feel to your home.

These velvet cushions from H&M are only £4.99 each and come in lots of colours. An instant new look for your sofa.

A new print on the wall. Tate Modern prints from as little as £4.

A new mirror or mirrors - this one is from Ikea.

Paint some of those old frames. ( we have loads in our house) i love this look.
and finally...

new vases with some flowers or creative imagination as above. H&M, BHS and John Lewis have some great ones. Good luck if you are updating your house. I will post some of mine when they are done.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

new year good old me

Although I wouldn't normally post sale items, I have decided to this year because even if you can't get
my suggestions I am hoping it will inspire you to look for bargains and save money.
I couldnt wait for the sales this year, although I am not back down to my pre baby weight I really wanted to get some things to make me feel a little less dowdy. Sales aren't always the best and sometimes i think stores sell alot of old tatt. But i have found some real high street treats and here is some of my sales inspirations for this cold wet and windy January. I have tried to keep them all roughly under £30.   Happy Shopping.







1- & Other Stories Nail varnish £3 - to brighten up this wintery weather. 2-& Other Stories Jumper £23 - looks good with jeans and pencil skirts. 3- & Other Stories clutch £9- i love this clutch its going to be great for the summer months. 4 Zara Boyfriend Jeans £17.99 - good with heals and flats for all winter occasions. 5- Zara pencil skirt £17.99 - i think that this is going to be a good winter to summer staple. 6- Gap Stripe top £8. 7- TopShop shoes £10 - bright and not too high.

I am not adding any links as it maybe that the items sell out. Good luck shopping and i hope you bag some good bargains.

New Year New Posts New Start!!

Happy New Year one and all! I have had a fantastic Christmas break. We visited family had little trips out and generally had a great time together. With this new year comes a change to the blog. I am going to add more of me. From my little DIY home projects to food and things to do. Its all still based around my saving money ethos. I hope you stick with me in this exciting new year ahead. Happy 2014!!