Friday, 1 August 2014


Since Poppy saw an episode of peppa pig where they holiday in a camper van she keeps asking if we can go away in one. You can hire camper vans for holidays pretty much everywhere. I recently came across this company hiring them out in Kent. 
There is definitely a romantic idea of being free to go from beach to beach.They have 3 Vans. The one featured here is Blossom it sleeps 4 ( one bunk and a double) They include lots of extras from duvets, washing up liquid and sponges, tea towels, cooking utensils, insurance, breakdown cover etc etc. Its very reasonably priced and i think the kids would really love it.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Duchess and Lion

Every now and again you come across a label that sells kids clothes that is wearable, stylish and fun. Duchess and Lion is exactly this. Its designed by a Mum of two and thats all I can find out about them at the moment. I will update as and when I know more. But here are the clothes.

Monday, 21 July 2014

twenty five - 52

I love it when he sleeps - he is so scrummy!


End of Sale Treats

I have started back at work, its been hard. I miss the little ones like crazy. On my way home i happened to go past a favourite store & Other Stories.  They have a fantastic sale on with up to 70% off. Here are some of the things i spied. Nothing here is over £20 so its not going to break the bank.

Monday, 14 July 2014

A Mums Uniform

I have noticed of late that alot of Mums seem to be wearing striped tops. I was in the super market the other day and I was wearing my breton and 3 other mums had similar if not the same!!
I love the classic breton which you can get from The Original Breton Shirt Company . Marks and spencer and Boden do a pretty good version of these ( they are also in the sale at the moment too!!)

I thought I might have a look on the high street to see what was out there. Here is what i came up with.  My favourite is the Top Shop one which i may purchase to go with jeans shorts.

1 - whistles

2 - H&M

4 - Topshop

5 - zara

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Home Staples

Labour and Wait

This is one of my favourite shops. I love visiting in Shoreditch and looking online. There is something lovely about looking at traditional simplistic things. It has the feeling of stepping back in time.
Their shop and online display is so good that you want to buy something.
They only sell clothes in the shop, if you get the chance to visit, including french work wear jackets for men and traditional Breton.
here are a few things i like.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Twenty Three and Twenty Four - 52

Twenty Three

It was sports day  - Pops had the best time. She was worried about the egg and spoon and the obstacle. She was brilliant in both!!

This young man wants to be moving, he doesnt like being in the buggy for very long!!

Twenty Four

Making Biscuits - they were the best. She loves making them and being in charge!!

Doesn't like sitting in his chair much either!! he wants to be on his feet all the time. As long as i am helping him he is happy. He does love playing with toys. Just not into cuddly bears!!